Saturday, January 1, 2011

kolej komuniti tasek gelugor

snapshot take in classroom
Day 1 - I am homebased,  looking for opportunity to start a business.  Today, attending a class at Kolej Komuniti Tasek Gelugor,  Sunday, 2 Jan 2011.  a brand new year. dear husband "i want to do this' I believe its never too late to start anything in life.  I never knew that doing business can be a lot of fun.  all you need is a lot of hard work.  yeah a lot of hard work plus creative ideas & lots of support from your loved ones.  who cares, ups and downs, whats new! never give up.  at least never allow anyone to stop you.  you have no one except Allah to answer for!..

i want to do something like these,  making cakes, cookies, gift items for weddings, etc, etc & etc  if others can do it there is no reason why i cant

Registered for Pastry Class Jan - April 2011
Attended 2nd blog class  :  3 days, RM20 date 2,9,10 April, 2011.  RM20
Lecturer:  Puan Fatimah

kelas pertama (1st batch)  SMK 2011
jumlah pelajar:  20 orang